Thursday, 23 February 2012

Are You Willing To Sacrifice???


Practices are not as easy as the saying words. 
But when we have done our best, let Allah take care of the rest.

Are you willing to sacrifice?

Solah on time at anywhere and everywhere
  • When you must have a break even though you are dealing with something which is very important to your life to perform solah on time while others could deal with their matters without any distribution.
  • When you have to wake up early and have some worship to Allah while others are in their blankets and sleep tightly.
Fasting during Ramadhan is compulsory for all Muslims
  • When you cannot eat and drink in the daylight during Ramadhan while others are eating delicious and marvelous meals.
Perform Hajj at least once in a life time if you can
  • When you should have your own saving from your own money in order to fulfill the Hajj while others can use their money for vocations to any place they like.
Love your mother
Be kind to your father
  • When you must obey to your parent as long as it is not against Islamc laws even though sometimes you are not satisfied with any of their ideas.
  • When you should leave your beloved family and friends to further your studies while others can study near with their hometown.
Eat only the Halal one
  • When you must be very particular with anything you eat in order it is halal while others can eat and have their favorite's food without ware of anything.
Speak only the truth
  • When you must tell the truth even it is very hard for you to realize your mistake or even you are frightened of someone else.
Be patient in every condition because Allah always be with you
  • When you must be patient and calm down when anybody hurt you without any reason.

Together we strive for a better tomorrow, for the sake of Allah. :)

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